The PEO Compass

The PEO Compass was founded by Paul Hughes in 2012 after he sent an NCCI AIS study to his largest client in an effort to empirically show the direction of the workers’ compensation market, and all of the macro-economic elements that go into it. After receipt of said report, the client asked pointedly “what the hell does this tell me”, upon which Paul had a different thought; How could he reduce all he found that was important to PEO’s workers’ compensation to one centralized location and opine on it to help clients outperform the market? The next thought was how to educate those outside PEO on what the industry is all about. Lastly, how to build on that to create and memorialize a non-fiction library on all things pertinent to PEO.

The PEO Compass is a friendly convergence of professionals and friends in the PEO industry sharing insights, ideas and intelligence to make us all better.

PEO’s offer a unique alternative to employers in the management of their workplaces, one that has proven to be successful in employee happiness, retention, productivity and business failure rates. The goal of the PEO Compass is to continually point out areas of success of the coemployment model such as these, and the trends and growth the industry continues to enjoy into the future.

We hope you enjoy your time here on the Compass.

Contact PEO Compass Founder & Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Expert, Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes has been working with the Professional Employer Organization (“PEO”) industry since 1995 and data management since 2005. He is responsible for the day to day operations of both Libertate Insurance Services, LLC and RiskMD, which reports into the overall Ballator Insurance Group family of companies. Learn more about Paul.

Specializing in PEO Services: Workers Compensation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Data Management, Insurance Focus on: Employment Practices Liability (EPLI), Cyber Liability, Health Insurance, Occupational Accident, Business Insurance, Client Company, Casualty and Disability Insurance.


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