What is the PEO Compass?


The PEO Compass Blog exists to serve and support the thousands of PEO-related businesses and in turn, the millions of PEO client company employees throughout the U.S. and abroad.

PEO Compass brings insight to your PEO related business through real-time reporting, application of innovative technologies, and expert opinions on the industry’s most turbulent topics.  Learn about the latest trends in healthcare, risk management, workers’ compensation, and many other topics that affect the PEO community.

We provide logistical and educational support via breaking news from top publishers like Work Comp Executive, Insurance Journal, Business Insurance, and Work Comp Central.  The PEO Compass also provides exclusive white papers and reports from industry leaders such as NCCI Holdings, Inc., and the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations.  The blog covers both individual state AND national news to better serve your PEO-related business needs.  We provide the information you need to address your business issues, listen to your clients and peers, and together help shape the overall direction of the Professional Employer Organization industry.