Construction bears more opioid-related costs than other industries | Business Insurance

The cost of opioid use is greater for injured construction workers than for injured workers in other industries, according to a new analysis by insurer CNA Financial Corp.   Spending on opioids in the construction industry is 5% to 10% higher than other industries, according to the analysis of claims from 2009 to 2013.“The opioid abuse epidemic is taking a toll on many aspects of the U.S. economy, including businesses workers compensation losses,” Bill Boyd, senior vice president of risk control for CNA, said Monday in a statement. “The delay of returning injured employees to work can affect operations and, therefore, negatively impact a companys bottom line.”Oklahoma, Texas and Florida have higher frequencies of painkiller abuse among injured construction workers than many other states, the analysis shows.

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Prescription cost per workers comp claim rose 7.3% in 2014 | Business Insurance

While the average cost per workers compensation claim increased in 2014, the number of prescriptions per injured worker and the average morphine equivalent dose per script declined, Coventry Workers’ Comp Services said Tuesday.Due primarily to a 10% increase in the average wholesale price of medications commonly prescribed to injured workers, the overall average cost per claim rose 7.3% in 2014 compared with 2013, according to Downers Grove, Illinois-based workers comp care and cost manager’ 2014 First Script Drug Trends Analysis.

Increased prices to cover patents that will expire in the future and potential product shortages were among the biggest factors in the overall average wholesale price increase last year.

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Changing demographics reset workplace safety | Business Insurance

Changing workplace demographics are creating several new challenges for risk managers, notably in the area of safety.   An aging workforce requires new approaches to workplace safety, observers say, noting the effect of older employees on workers compensation costs and the need for work processes and equipment to be re-examined and modified. 

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WCRI: Georgia Workers Comp Indemnity Benefits Key Cost Contributor

Indemnity benefits per claim with more than seven days of lost time in Georgia were among the highest of the 17 study states and the main contributor to the higher total costs per claim in the state, according to a recent study from the Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI).

The study, CompScope Benchmarks for Georgia, 15th Edition, found higher indemnity costs per claim with more than seven days of lost time were the result of longer duration of temporary disability (TD) benefits and more frequent lump-sum settlements with larger settlement amounts in the state.

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Can Cyberattack Costs be Predicted?

I found a very informational article on cyber exposure that further The link below is from CFO magazine and illuminates cyber liability blind spot to American Business.  Great issue with many other cyber articles in it -

A few excerpts of note —

 Yet, complex as the issues are that must be tackled in determining how much of an investment to make to mitigate cyber risk, risk management experts agree on the first step finance chiefs should take: Assess the risk—first by gaining a firm grasp of the company’s data assets, then by ranking them in order of their value to the company.”

“Look at the relative importance that different information or applications have to the business in terms of the amount they contribute to revenue or the cost that would be incurred if that asset were not available,”

“…there isn’t very much data out there on what [breaches] cost—even with the well-publicized ones,” says Heppen. “And we’re not going to know for some time how much they cost.”

As PJ is now getting ready for high school at 14, I could not help a little Mark Twain and to all the Happiest of Father’s Days!

“When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years.”


South Carolina Jumps Aboard Workers Comp Alternative Bandwagon

A South Carolina lawmaker has introduced workers’ compensation option legislation that would allow qualified businesses in the state to offer their own injury benefit plan to employees. The state is the second one this year, after Tennessee, to introduce workers’ comp alternative legislation.

House Bill 4197, also known as “The South Carolina Employee Injury Benefit Plan Alternative” was introduced by Rep. David Hiott R-Pickens on May 19. The legislation would authorize employers to be exempt from obtaining workers’ compensation insurance coverage and instead obtain certification from the South Carolina Department of Insurance to provide coverage through a qualified employer injury plan.

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104,000 people had their fiscal histories stolen from the IRS

“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”  George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-four

Rarely is a book, in this case George Orwell’s novel Ninety Eighty-four, so powerful that it creates its own word in the dictionary derived from the name of its author.

Quotes such as the above and “Big Brother is Watching” spawned the following  :

Orwellian – “It denotes an attitude and a brutal policy of draconian control by propaganda, surveillance, misinformation, denial of truth, and manipulation of the past…” 

Finished after he was released from the hospital in December, 1948, the book was published in June, 1949. Orwell died shortly thereafter in January of 1950 at the age of 46.  I have always wanted to understand the inspiration behind this book as it is hauntingly accurate over 65 years later.  Coupled with Animal Farm, Orwell’s vision of an overly intrusive society where information is power is the script on how not to manage people’s personal information and civil liberties.

I remember the first haunting read of the book as teenager and how it seemed so surreal that anything in the book could ever play out in real life.   The daily reports on cyber-crime and hacking of and by the government initiates many reflections to what Orwell predicted and how it is unfolding before our eyes.

Maybe in this case, we don’t want to know what will surely be found out?  104,000 people had their fiscal histories stolen from the IRS.  I can only imagine the breadth and opportunity for those will ill intent.

Unfortunately, we should not necessarily be at ease with the government’s handling of data in protecting us or its usage through side routes such as the latest action taken in February by the President:

“Executive Order — Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing”  

Tidbits — The first a reaction to it…

“Typical of these concerns were the remarks of Apple CEO Tim Cook who gave a vigorous speech at the same Stanford cyber meeting that seemed to challenge the president’s appeal for greater cooperation. Cook issued a dire warning that the threat to privacy posed by technology “risks our way of life.”

What is scary is that there seems to be no specific reason to capture the information, nor disclosure as to how it will be used.

“The question is: what exactly will this function to do? What will these ‘Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations’ actually accomplish, and who will be incarcerated or targeted as a result of their work?”


If you are not paying attention to your own cyber security it is time to dive deep.  Cyber attacks now cost $250k on average and most businesses need help in understanding how to prevent attacks and what to do when one occurs.  In future columns, founder and CEO of the patented technology iCloak – Eric Delisle – will be adding expert opinion and advice from time to time and as the latest cyber threats unfold.  There is no bigger exposure to a business at present due to the unknowns of cyber threats.  Eric’s blog is a great place to further educate ourselves on the real exposures that loom today.

Eric’s company…

and Eric’s blog…

Let’s all close the shades on Big Brother and regain our liberty!

Reporting delays tied to higher workers comp claim costs | Business Insurance

Delays in reporting work-related injuries can cause workers compensation claim costs to increase by up to 51%, according to the National Council on Compensation Insurance Inc.Claim costs for occupational injuries reported between one to two weeks after the date of an accident represented the lowest median cost at $13,210 per claim, Boca Raton, Florida-based NCCI said in a report released Tuesday. Injuries reported between one day and one week after an accident resulted in the second lowest average cost per claim at $13,844.