The Compass Brings You “The Cybersecurity Report”


The PEO Compass has developed a column that will be devoted to cyber security and cyber threats due to the ongoing development of threats and problems that can potentially effect all of us in our day-to-day lives, both in business and personally.

The Cybersecurty Report will cover varying topics that are both informative and current as to our current climate and the potential threats that can impact us from a time, financial, and credibility standpoint.

From cyber crime to data breaches, the ever evolving world of and never ending tenacity of cyber criminals expands and the effects can be catastrophic.

It is for this reason that we have established a strategic partnership and launched a cyber security platform called RiskMD Cyber.  The platform will encompass various risk mitigation and management techniques ranging from audit of current internal structure and security to insurance that will aid in the event of a breach or loss.

Our partner in this venture and the key contributor to the report is Stackframe.

Stackframe was founded in 2004 to leverage experience in building and maintaining sophisticated high-fidelity distributed simulation systems into other domains. Quickly gaining clientele in various diverse industries, StackFrame has matured into an organization capable of solving challenging technical problems in the areas of software development and information technology services management and was recently recognized as one of the 101 companies to watch in Florida.

StackFrame’s company culture has attracted a talented, impactful staff that thrive tackling the problems faced by modern businesses and organizations as they grow more connected to the ecosystem of services and technologies served over the Internet.

Currently employing 26 people and headquartered in Seminole County, Florida, StackFrame is well poised to assist organization of all sizes and continue growing in size and capability.

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