National Council on Compensation Insurance Comes to Orlando


In the insurance epicenter of Orlando, FL, national workers’ compensation stakeholders from each and every part of the workers’ compensation ecosystem to converge at The National Council of Compensation Insurance (“NCCI”) Annual Issues Symposium (“AIS”).  Utilizing a 100% in-person format, the conference is expected at attain pre-pandemic in-person numbers for the first time since 2019.

There is no other conference that influences what happens with workers’ compensation reserving and pricing then this one.

All major carriers and their respective mathematical prophets will be on the line to measure profitability and the components thereof for the last year and historic.  Even more importantly this year, the prediction of go-forward profitability and pricing guidance/trend with the unknowns of the pandemic, hyper inflation and an imminent war on the foreground.

There is a welcome reception this evening and the real show runs all day tomorrow and Wednesday morning.  The full agenda here –

Mr. Donnell kicks things off at 9 am and by 9:30 Chief Actuary Ms. Donna Glenn is expected to begin rolling through the annual “State of the Line” report.  Excellent programming the rest of the day and fan favorite Robert Hartwig to start things off on Wednesday.  His data in unmatched – a recent ppt from him out of his online arsenal on CoVID impact on WC.

Impact of COVID-19 Disruptions on the Workers Compensation Line:Trends, Challenges and Outcomes

I look forward to providing updates that will be capped by a special NAPEO risk management segment to discuss the outcomes on Wednesday at 2.

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