Friday Weekly Roundup

Another Friday dawns to bring us the end of another arresting and absorbing week as only 2020 could bring us. 

The week promises to leave us with continued uncertainty regarding the election while the domestic markets sluggishly lay in wait.  Following a clear outcome to the election, NAPEO intends to hold a webinar to discuss how the election results impacts the PEO industry.  Visit to learn more. 

Meanwhile, the U. S. unemployment rate took a healthy dip as businesses across the globe continue to find their path through the COVID-19 pandemic.  David Altmaier, the Florida Insurance Commissioner, issued an order to the NCCI requesting the rate filing for 2021 be amended from a 5.7% decrease to a 6.6% decrease.  The additional decrease will, no doubt, provide needed relief to many Florida businesses, however the long-term financial impacts to Florida Workers’ Compensation carriers will be something to watch.  Check out our post from earlier this week for more details.

The Flu Season approaches; with it comes the warmth of family centric holidays and the promise of a bright and shiny new 2021.  As mentors to so many business owners, PEOs are afforded the opportunity to help educate so many workplaces on how to operate safe and healthy environments in the months to come.  Visit to learn more. 

Happy Friday everyone – may the NFL treat you kindly this weekend! 

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