Employment Practices Liability Insurance Claims and Premiums Surge

Pre-Vaccine frequency and severity only to intensify with first vaccine mandate suits filed in September.

“It’s common knowledge that the employee practices liability insurance arena nationwide has been unfriendly to buyers. Earlier this year, a survey of 20 EPLI carriers showed 15 reported rate increases for the line ranging from 5% to 35% (nationwide)….It costs about 260% more to resolve a claim in California than it does outside of the state, and according to a recent report from Kaufman Borgeest & Ryan, 21% of reported settlements in excess of $2 million were brought in California, as were four out of the top 10 settlements. [1]

There are 3,962 claims involving CoVid according to #FisherPhillips and their extremely cool litigation tracker available at — https://www.fisherphillips.com/innovations-center/covid-19-employment-litigation-tracker-and-insights.html

Due to the lack of data either available or being provided by those “in the know” in EPLI, this type of reporting is money to better understand jurisdictions, cause of loss and client company size that are showing greatest frequency of events. While perfect world would be accompanying $ amounts by claim type diced, “frequency breeds severity”, and therefore this is extremely helpful in a data-limited enronment.

Budget increases in premiums and retentions. Understand credit risk under retention layers and fund layers for probable future claims. Look hard at California, and price accordingly. Think double.


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