Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

With all of the cultural, racial, religious and nationalistic divides going on in the world today, we sure should could use some Dr. King.

He would have helped to bring those people together that influence love, hope, happiness for all of us to make more sensible and less inflamed decisions. While those around him would have stacked their knowledge and proof as to why their side is the right one, MLK would have used his wisdom to understand that side, and all sides, to find neutral grounds amongst all constituents. There is no side, there are interpretations of the facts through the attainment of some form of knowledge, complete or incomplete. The truth is interpretation of such through one’s own eyes.

“Knowledge is a process of picking up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification”

Having knowledge of facts is foundational in understanding any problem to be solved. The wisdom used in how to address the ignorance of hatred; someone’s skin color, religion or political ideology does not make one better or worse. It is wisdom to respect said beliefs and ideologies even if not shared. It’s ok to disagree, to debate, to banter….just respect each other when doing such. We do not walk in each other shoes but share a planet.

In processing what is slowly coming on a year of the COVID19 pandemic, it is hard to believe all we have lost in that short period of time that was taken for granted for so long. A hug, a wedding, a graduation, a live event, a proper way to say goodbye to the fallen weigh on me tremendously as events not being the way they should have been or should be going forward. The anxiety of all the “what if’s” that flood your mind continuously can become a point of paralysis, leaving some of us in a state of saddened confusion with little hope.

Hope is where Dr. King shines. He brought calm to those that lived in fear and light where there was only darkness. He would be able to help us to understand today why people who may look different or not believe in everything we do pose us no threat. He would remind us that while there has been a lot done with social inequality, there is still a long way to go. He would focus on not only blacks, but all races and creeds.

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

Most importantly, he would start, focus, and not stop; he would always keep moving forward. He would not be paralyzed, he would be energized. He would know how much impact he could have and how to get there. He would include all parties in a spirit of love and collaboration. He would give up himself again for the betterment of a society.

Happy Birthday Dr. King and thank you for giving us a script for acceptance, love and happiness

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