Cybersecurity Report – Tax Refund Fraud


Yes, it is that time of year and in light of many of our expectations to obtain a refund from our government this post is designated to address and bring awareness to the some of the potential threats and scams that exist.

Tax Refund Fraud

This tax season, more people are falling victim to tax refund fraud. Tax refund fraud happens when someone submits your information to the IRS and claims the refund in your name, having the money sent to their address and not yours.


File your tax refund early and quickly. Safeguard your social security number and personal details.


Contact the IRS if you think this has happened to you.


Thieves Nab IRS PINs to Hijack Tax Refunds

DROWN Attack

DROWN is the exploitation of a problem that exists in the technology that keeps private web traffic secure. With it, an attacker can intercept web traffic, decrypt it, and look at its contents. The contents could include things like usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers.


While this is not something that directly affects your personal computer, someone could intercept your web traffic at places like coffee shops or hotels. If possible, use a VPN when in these types of environments. You can check to see if your organization’s site, or sites that you frequent are vulnerable with and informing the site’s administrators about it so they can fix it.


Varies depending on if, how, and what information gets intercepted due to DROWN.


DROWN Attack

Another ransomware example.  Ransomware spreading emails take many forms. Here is another example:

From:  Thanh Sears
Date:   11 March 2016 at 10:29

FW: Payment 16-03-#507586 Dear [redacted],

We have received this documents from your bank, please review attached documents. Yours sincerely,

Thanh Sears – Financial Manager



As with the previous example, do not open email attachments if you do not know who it came from.


As with the previous example, the best recovery is a known good recent backup.


Malware spam: “FW: Payment 16-03-#507586” / “We have received this documents from your bank, please review attached documents.”

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