Celebrating 10 Years of the PEO Compass


Dear Friend of the PEO Industry:

Ten years ago this month, I launched a blog dedicated to the Professional Employer Organization (“PEO”) Industry.  I found the news on the industry to be negative, inaccurate and often just flat inaccurate.  It seemed that there was an overabundance of “fake news” that was inflammatory in rerd to PEO, and undeserved.

The vision of the PEO Compass blog is:

  • Highlight the positive impact PEO has on employers, employees and the overall employment process
  • Define what PEO/coemployment is, and is not – vigilantly guard the virtue of coemployment
  • Share meaningful facts and insights taken from the most credible sources, from the experts directly
  • Unlike other blogs that will forward “the news of the day”, the compass gives direction on an issue, an article, a statistic and what it means through the lens of the PEO community
  • Celebrate all things PEO!

On our anniversary, we decided some “spring cleaning” was in order.  As such, you will find a new look, easier to search library and more content.  In essence, a whole new platform for the Compass.  Since 2012, we have posted almost 1,000 thoughts, articles and insights on that which impacts PEO which are indexed for your perusal.

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We look forward to providing you go-forward insight for the decade(s) ahead on all that impacts PEO.


Paul R. Hughes


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The PEO Compass is a friendly convergence of professionals and friends in the PEO industry sharing insights, ideas and intelligence to make us all better.

All writers specialize in Professional Employer Organization (PEO) business services such as Workers Compensation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Data Management, Employment Practices Liability (EPLI), Cyber Liability Insurance, Health Insurance, Occupational Accident Insurance, Business Insurance, Client Company, Casualty Insurance, Disability Insurance and more.

To contact a PEO expert, please visit Libertate Insurance Services, LLC and RiskMD.


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