The Workers’ Compensation Institute (WCI) Hits Orlando

It was my 17’th WCI today and it keeps getting bigger and better!

Congratulations to Mssrs. Jim McConnaughhay and Steve Rissman for another stellar turn out at the annual conference.

It was fun to speak with Ray Neff today about how they (Jim and Steve) both reinvented a stagnant state-run association into the dynamo it is today some 30 years later.  The biggest insurance conference in the world for years and just keeps improving on itself. Seemed the conventions were just a tad different before their leadership and vision.

Hoping to see many in the audience tomorrow at the PEO breakout session that has been going on for years based on their support.  The revised agenda below…

PEO Onsite Program WCI 8.23.16

Thanks Steve and Jim for your continued support of the PEO industry!

Let’s turn out to make sure we say thanks for their support.


Engage PEO Hits INC 500/5000

It is with great pride that I announce that our friends at Engage have hit the INC 500/5000 for 2016!  Hitting the 5000 is a big enough deal but in the top 500 growth companies in the United States is a very special accomplishment.  Congratulations Jay, Midge and the rest of the Engage team!

“Inc. ranked Engage as the 127th fastest-growing private company in the country. The report notes that Engage’s three-year revenue growth exceeded 2,700 percent. Engage ranked as the fastest growing professional employment organization, second among all human resource companies, and 12th of all companies in Florida.”

Having started operations less then five years ago, Engage has grown its coemployee base to almost 25,000 employees at present.  With a focus on healthcare and human resources, the firm’s average client size is arguably almost triple the industry norm at over 60 employees.  With recent hirings of industry stalwarts Steve Scott and Craig Hill, it is my opinion that this is just the opening chapter for Engage.

Congratulations !



Data is King: Four Part Video Series

Explore how big data is revolutionizing the PEO and Insurance industries.  Visualizing data to make smarter business decisions is the next generation of business intelligence; learn how RiskMD provides a comprehensive platform for both data visualization and interpretation.  This four part series features class code and data visualization studies and demonstrates how real-time, actionable data truly makes data king.

Hear two PEO industry experts, Josh and LJ Roberts of the Texas-based LL Roberts Group, discuss the value of big data.  The LL Roberts Group is a National Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Consulting Firm and is comprised of “true” PEO Experts and Industry Veterans.  Watch below to hear why RiskMD is changing the PEO playing field and how big data is the next generation of PEO management.

NAPEO President Pat Cleary Interview

Pat Cleary, CEO and President of NAPEO, answers questions about the PEO industry.

  1. What is the difference between the PEO and Temporary Staffing model?
  2. What is the biggest opportunity and challenge for PEOs going into 2013?
  3. In what ways can Risk Transfer help to grow the PEO industry?