Affordable Care Act : Success or Failure? Only Version of the Facts or Only Version of the Truth?

With all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the ACA, there is still very little to learn about its impact.  While not the person to make predictive calls as that is only the job of an actuarial fellow,  little data right now relates anything much about ACA impact on workers’ compensation. 
Intuition assumes that socialized medicine will take claims out of the workers’ compensation system….  
“Health-care consumers and providers felt the squeeze of rising health-care costs in 2014 – with out-of-pocket costs for patients rising 11% — according to a TransUnion Healthcare report released Wednesday.”
Does this add up?  As the author states, hmmm….  -PRH
Paul Krugman - New York Times Blog

ACA Airbrushing




Yesterday I mentioned the phenomenon of austerity airbrushing — the way people who made pro-austerity arguments that have been refuted by events now claim that they said something quite different from what they did, in fact, say. There’s a comparable development when it comes to health reform — except that this is even more amazing, because it depends on observers forgetting what the debate looked like in the very recent past.

Thus, Jonathan Chait has some fun with the very thin-skinned Cliff Asness, who claims that it was “never in dispute” that Obamacare would increase the number of Americans with health insurance. Hmmm:


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