The 2018 Workers’ Compensation Institute 360


The 2018 WCI 360 is up and running in Orlando!  Every year Co-Chairmen Mr. Rissman and Mr. McConnaughhay bring this annual event to another level.  The educational programming, entertainment and ability to catch up with a multitude of people all in one place make this a can’t miss event.

The Workers’ Compensation Institute (WCI) is a nonprofit educational organization that serves as a comprehensive resource to all workers’ compensation stakeholders. The WCI is an outgrowth of the long-established Florida Workers’ Compensation Institute. FWCI remains in existence under the WCI umbrella and continues its Florida focus, while the national organization provides a broader outreach across all states.

I am honored to be able to moderate a session during the Florida Association of Insurance Agents (“FAIA”) this coming Tuesday the 21’st.

Integrating Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) And The Independent Agency System

Tuesday, August 21’st, 2018
10:15 – 11:15 am

Crystal Ballroom J1
Convention Level

Integrating Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) and The Independent Agency System

Our panel is comprised of friends and  industry stalwarts Phil Urso (CoAdvantage), Robert Rodriguez (Engage), Troy Reynolds (Stonehenge) and Andy Olwert (NextLevel).

The scope of our programming is as follows:

Historically, licensed insurance agents and Professional Employer Organizations have had some success in developing partnerships together and there have been more than a few PEO’s born out of the independent agency model. The agency brings the PEO insurance sophistication and deal flow and the PEO brings the independent agency value-added services such as payroll, human resources and regulatory compliance. It seems like the perfect integration of professional services, potentially in a one-stop arrangement in an integrated manner. There have also been misunderstandings and mistrust of the PEO model. Our panelists will explore the following subjects in detail to include but not limited to:

– Historic issues with the distribution relationship between independent agents and PEOs
– Changes in the national regulatory landscape for PEOs and independent agents when transacting co-employment
– Current definition of a PEO and value propositions
– Health insurance as a PEO driver and its impact on PEOs
– What does the future bring for PEOs and how do independent agents fit in?

Hope to see you at the convention!

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